18 9 / 2014

Woop! I just got an email from Amazon saying I am the #43 KDP Select All-Star! Thanks everyone for all the borrows!

18 9 / 2014

18 9 / 2014


Wedding cake for two Tattered Cover staffers who tied the knot.


Wedding cake for two Tattered Cover staffers who tied the knot.

18 9 / 2014

13 3 / 2013

I have found a great new website!

I have to say the layout is super classy and I love the blurbs on the blog site. Check it out and happy reading!


06 3 / 2013

Someone read my book! I am so excited to be mentioned on a blog! A whole post on Fire Always Burns and I am so glad she enjoyed it!


01 3 / 2013

Fire always burns. Three friends just have to make sure that it doesn’t burn them.

Holly managed to escape the boring mountain town where she was born by going to college. However, she found herself having too many wild nights and too many mornings of waking up in unfamiliar beds to keep her scholarship. Now that’s she’s back in Conifer, she has no idea what she is going to do with her life and no hope for the future.

Luke’s little brother is miserable after being shuffled away from his friends and family after his parents’ bitter divorce. Luke feels helpless, and he will do anything it takes to bring his little brother home where he belongs.

Andrew’s father died a couple years ago in an electrical accident, leaving him to care for his distraught mother. More than anything, he wants to move on and escape this small town to follow his dreams, but his mother would be lost without someone to take care of her.

When these three friends reconnect, Holly comes up with a plan, a plan that will change all their lives for the better. She knows that to start a fire, all it takes is a spark. However, as the sparks ignite and begin to burn, she realizes that she may have stood too close to the flame, and the torch she carries for Andrew burns brighter than ever.

Will Holly manage to rekindle old loves, or will the destructive fire in their hearts consume everything they hold dear?

**Mature Content** Recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual situations and language.

Available on Amazon

Barnes and Nobel

and other fine retailers

15 1 / 2013

So, here I am procrastinating. (and taking a little breather)

I am in the middle of writing a novel (very excited) and I have a deadline.  A deadline that is about 2.5 weeks away and I only have a little more than 1/3 actually written. Story is mapped out and I just need to translate it from Krista-ish to paper. (Or rather computer screen)

It is gonna be good :D

28 12 / 2012

Working on Curves of the French Riviera part 3… Curves of Nice (Working Title)

Megan is going to discover a dark secret about the twisted love of Gabriel’s childhood friend. The history of Katarina will be brought to light, and Megan will find herself torn in telling Gabriel the truth, or from shielding him from it.

This will be the final installment of Megan’s Trilogy.  Be sure to check out:

Curves on the French Riviera


Curves of Saint-Tropez

Both available on Amazon!